All Elevate! (6-12)






Until we can meet in person we will be replicating our ‘Tribe’ time in a virtual way over Zoom. We’ll spend this time catching up, praying together and discussing the talk we’ve just heard. Tribe time will begin after our live stream at around 7.30pm and end an hour later.



We’re also required to get parent/guardian permission for students to participate in Zoom tribes. This is a one time permission form to cover any Elevate related activities carried out over Zoom. 







Safe Ministry requirements around video calling are being updated regularly as we all get a handle on the unfolding situation. Rest assured, we’re doing everything we can to ensure that Zoom tribes is a safe and fun experience for everyone, including: 

  • Running Zoom calls only from church-owned accounts,
  • Having two leaders in all tribe calls, or recording calls where there is only one leader present,
  • Requiring students to abide by a code of conduct: “During Zoom tribes, I will use appropriate and loving language, I will be sensibly dressed (no PJs or undies), I will not take screenshots, and I will listen to and respect my leaders.”
  • Retaining the ability to remove any misbehaving students from calls,
  • Disabling the private chat feature, and
  • Giving you the ability to voice any concerns with us in the lead up to and during tribe time (you can contact our Snr High leader and resident Zoom expert Aimee on 0421 147 374).