As a youth ministry we go out into our local community two Saturdays a term to provide practical assistance to people who need it. Make sure you stay tuned for details from your team leaders, and if you aren’t involved in a team yet and would like to be then check out the different teams below.



T1 Holidays: 27 April   |   T2: 11 May, 22 June

T3: 10 August, 14 September | T4: 2 November, 30 November




TERM 1      3 MAR + 7 APR

TERM 2      19 MAY + 16 JUN

TERM 3       11 AUG + 22 SEP

TERM 4     27 OCT + 24 NOV


Easy Care
Southern Cross
Family Care
Church Maintenance

Easy Care

Easy Care team goes to elderly people's houses who are still living at home but need some help with the garden. Great if you love getting your hands dirty!

2-4:30PM | Rowan Van Heeswijk

Southern Cross

This team spends time with residents of Southern Cross nursing home in North Turramurra. Great if you're musical or you love a good chat!

2-4:30PM | Tom Wilson

Family Care

Family Care is similar to Easy Care although we could also be doing other house maintenance apart from the garden. This team is a bit of everything... perfect!

2-4:30PM | Alex Bell

Church Maintenance

Painting doors, floors, walls, fixing benches, cleaning gutters, installing kitchens... you name it, this team has done it! Great way to serve our wider church.

1:30-4PM | James Warner

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