Last updated 27/3/2020




Due to the social distancing policies outlined by the State and Federal Government, Elevate Youth will not be operating in-person until further notice. This is obviously a disappointment to students, leaders and parents alike, but also a very necessary course of action to love our community and honour leadership of our nation.


The situation is changing on a daily basis at the moment so we will continue to update you through this page, our Instagram/Facebook accounts (@elevate207x) and our email contact list. If you do not currently receive regular Elevate emails and would like to join our mailing list please do so by following the link below.



On Friday March 20th we held our first ever Elevate Youth livestream – ‘Elevate Underground’ – on YouTube live, which was heaps of fun! We gathered a bunch of student feedback on what ‘Virtual Youth’ could look like, brainstormed as a leadership team, and will be trying some new things out over the coming couple of weeks. We’ll take a break for the school holidays as per usual, and hopefully get some more clarity over that time as to how long we’ll be prohibited from meeting in person. This will inform what online Youth looks like at the start of Term 2 and beyond.


Please tune again this Friday 27th March to Elevate Underground!



If there are things we can be praying for you or your family we would also love to know about that. We don’t stop being the church just because we can’t meet together.





Lots of love,


Chris and the Elevate Leadership Team