207X Conference is back for another year! There can sometimes be a perception that the claims of Christianity belong in their own “religious world”, quite separate from the “real world” in which we live. But what if those two worlds collide? What if in our age of reason and rationality there is a reasonable and rational basis to trust the claims of the Bible? That’s what these three days in July will be all about! Ever had big questions about the historical reliability of the Bible? Ever wondered how science and God go together or how a good God can allow suffering? If so, Conference is for you! We can’t wait! Get those forms in, register online, invite a friend and get ready and expectant for an incredible few days! You seriously do not want to miss a thing!


19-21 JULY


at St James Church Turramurra
 Thurs | 8am-8pm

Fri | 8am-8pm

Sat |  8am-4pm






Anyone in years 6-12 can come to 207X Conference! We will have a registration process each morning and only registered students will be allowed to attend.


St James Church Turramurra will be our base for the weekend. Students will return to their own homes each night. We will also be travelling on foot to other locations around Turramurra, cars to Love Teams Community Projects (all drivers will have their full license], and travelling by train/bus to our outing on the final day [details will be confirmed in the pre-conference email).


Every day we will have tribes (small groups),  Bible teaching, elective session, meals together and a whole heap of free time! In addition we will have Love Teams on our second day and an off-site adventure on our third day.


Bring a Bible, notepad, pen, warm clothes, enclosed shoes and a change of clothes that can get dirty for our Friday afternoon Love Teams projects. All meals will be provided for (including breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon tea).



1st Student: $110
2nd Student*: $70

*and each subsequent

Price will increase by $10 per student after 10pm on Sun May 27th


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Youth Minister, Chris Rooleht, if you have further questions – chris @stjames.info | 0422 169 098